Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enter the noise.

photo by Xavier Voirol

This is Cycloïd-E.

A fascinating sound sculpture comes from the Cod.Act duo. It consists of five motor-driven horizontal tubes which swing like pendulums where each of the tubes is equipped with sound sources and measuring instruments which make them resonate according to their rotations. Cycloïd-E performs a truly hypnotic dance accompanied by equally hypnotic sound. Its overwhelming effect makes you transcend beyond this universe.

Cycloïd-E puts me in a mood for browsing through Kim Høltermand's photographs.

Kim Høltermand

Høltermand is a Danish photographer whose work is simply breathtaking. Very minimalistic approach, very little color, stunning angles and perspectives. One can feel the silence in his photos or a hypnotic noise just like the one that Cycloïd-E produces.

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  1. well... i may be Suc-Ker for Si-Fi

    but this is so ... noisy

    ready to... Enter