Friday, June 29, 2012

feminine vs. masculine

I have some x-rays lying around my apartment and I was wondering what to do with them. I don't want to throw them away as I feel that somehow they are a part of me. I also recently talked to a friend of mine about this and it turns out she also has some x-rays which she would like to turn into some sort of art.

This has inspired me to start wondering around, to see what people do with their x-rays, and the discovery which completely blew my mind was Matthew Cox's art.

Feet,  image © Matthew Cox
Blowing Hair,  image © Matthew Cox
Orchid With Crucifix,  image © Matthew Cox

In Matthew's art , the embroidery and medical x-rays collide.

Two completely diverse materials: cloth and plastic. On one hand, there's the embroidery as a traditional, decorative craft which requires intensive manual work and on the other, modern x-ray shot which is created without any aesthetic intentions in just a few seconds.

Embroidery seems so gentle and feminine and the x-rays appear so emotionless and masculine. Combined together they are hauntingly beautiful.

Pigtails, image © Matthew Cox

Wadding Knees, image © Matthew Cox

Music video for Brazilian pop band Pato Fu wraps this up nicely.

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