Monday, June 27, 2011

Visual Thinking

This is the most popular sketch from Sam+Friends TV show which was aired back in the 50's. The author of the show was the famous puppeteer Jim Henson who later developed these characters and created The Muppets. I love this sketch. It features Kermit The Frog and Harry The Hipster. I find it very interesting that a character's name from this vintage TV show was Harry The Hipster. Harry was actually a black sock puppet with white shades, distinguished taste in everything and big jazz lover who always spoke in hip slang. The thing that I love about this sketch is that it explores visual thinking and especially visualizing music which in a way reminded me of my ongoing fascination with synesthesia.
"Oh I don't like jazz."  * SQUARE*


  1. blop blop blOp . . . gOlb

  2. is quab like... a square ?