Tuesday, July 5, 2011

head art.

From time to time,  I become obsessed with something. This weekend my attention was focused on hats. I discovered some breathtaking hat designs. To me they represent true sculpture art.

The exploration started with Philip Treacy .

Then I was fascinated by Stephen Jones's latest dreamy surreal collection.

And finally, I was blown away with a hat exhibition made by Japanese design studio Nendo for Akio Harata, Japan's most famous hat designer. People from Nendo have chosen a perfect way to put accent on Hirata's work: they made 4000 white "ghost hats" which float around giving a dramatic contrast to the "real" hats which are on display. I can only imagine what an amazing feeling it must be to walk through these flying hats.

photo by Daici Ano
photo by Daici Ano
photo by Daici Ano

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