Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Is Not Lost

The band OK Go continues to make innovative videos ( here's the post about the previous one) and this time the guys teamed up with Google Japan and modern dance company Pilobolus. The experimental video for the track "All is not lost"  is intended to be viewed in Google Chrome. It uses pop-ups in a very unusual way .
In the beginning you see the video in a small pop up in the center of the screen and as the song progresses, screen splits into more and more pop-ups and more dancers are involved and everything looks complex and beautiful.
The video is also interactive because before the video starts to load, you can enter a message which dancers will form at the very end of the video and you are given a choice to save that message or share it with your friends.
Below you can check the regular film version but the real thing is at http://www.allisnotlo.st

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