Saturday, August 6, 2011


After the world's smallest stop motion animation Dot , guys from Nokia and Aardman Animations teamed up once again and this time the result is the world's largest stop animation video called Gulp.
Gulp explores the life of a lone fisherman and his little fishing boat. It was shot by three Nokia N8 phones which were attached to the crane and lifted 36 meters above the ground at South Wales seaside.The impressive thing is that all the waves, the sea gulls and the clouds are actually giant sand drawings carved in the beach by sand artists. And just like with Dot, you need to see the "making of" to realize just how amazing this creation is.


  1. Merlin The Animator ???

    o 0

  2. what a good campaign for Nokia N8!

  3. @Anonymous: Merlin did his magic. ^ ^

    @Olga: yep. they know how to do it with style.