Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magic created with a knife.

Browsing through Rob Ryan's work brings incredible joy. His paper cut illustrations are witty, dreamy, filled with love and one can only admire his technique. He's a London based artist whose paper cut illustrations often include a text message and the cut out is done in one paper sheet with all the elements connected, creating that beautiful feeling of flow.

Rob also does commercial work : he's done window decorations for some quite big names, he's done some books, worked for some magazines, he even designed one of limited edition Lomo Cameras. Out of these commissioned works, I need to point out the one that I admire the most.
It is the paper cut dress he's done for UK Vogue.

Stunning, isn't it?

To see the process of making Ryan's beautiful designs and to hear what Mister Ryan has to say about his work, check the video below.


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  2. glad you liked it, just keep =D