Saturday, October 8, 2011

she brings the rain.

I've come to realize that when I started writing this blog and deciding what it will be about , I kinda thought that its big part will be one of my main obsessions-food. But somehow the flow took me in various other directions and as I'm now recalling , I believe I have very few posts about food. Since this day has been mostly about food and music, I've decided to make this post very personal and mix some foods with some beats.

Below you will find links to some of my favorite food places on the web.

via Simply Breakfast
via Good Food
via My kitchen =)
via Bananagranola

And here are some of the tunes which have been in my playlist today.

I hope you got inspired a little.


  1. da gif ~~~ ~~ ~~~ is ~~~ ~~ ~~~ da gift

    ~ : D


  3. ej imam dilemu. jel ovde vokal Damo Suzuki ili prethodni pevac *khm khm, ne znam gospodinovo ime =)*?

  4. Can "Soundtracks"(1970)
    music sung by gospodin Malcolm Mooney

    poz dee

  5. ou thank ya. mada priznajem da sam bila nestrpljiva pa sam izguglala u medjuvremenu. =)

  6. ej,super je hrana...i super je ruth (polaroid)..
    uz dorucke..