Wednesday, November 9, 2011



This wire sculpture by Steve Lohman creates such a powerful illusion of a 3D drawing in space capturing one of life's moments.

"TV man"


I love the flow that you can feel in his work. One of the things which creates that feeling is the fact that all of his works are made out of one continuous line of wire.

"Bike lady"

I had the similar feeling of continuity and flow while watching Michel Gagne's incredible animation "Sensology". Michel Gagne is a Canadian animator who has worked on many great projects, Pixar's Ratatouille among others. He claims that he had a synesthetic experience while listening to jazz musician Paul Plimley's live performance and felt the strong urge to animate what he experienced so he started working on Paul Plimley's music piece Sensology.

The amazing thing about this animation is that Michel did not produce any storyboard or made any pre-production plans. He just animated what he felt while listening to Paul's music. And another fascinating thing is that there's no vector animation in the film, each frame is hand-drawn. It took 4 years to finish the project but the final product is a master piece.