Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To each his own food universe.

Food lovers usually like taking photos of food. But what happens when you add extra dosage of creativity to the photography and food?

These unbelievable food landscapes might look like paintings but they are actually photographs of real food. Each detail you see in the photos is made out of different sort of foods. The artist who creates these wonderful scenes and then photographs them is Carl Warner. The process of making his art consists of making sketches of the landscapes,  choosing the right ingredients to work with , picking the perfect shaped fruits and vegetables, photographing them and finally fine tuning the images which all takes a couple of days. For me, the most impressive thing in Carl's photos is how he manages the light.

Another example of fascinating use of photography and food is delicious art made by Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle, the husband and wife team. They create unbelievable micro universes with foods and humanoid toy characters.

You adore these, right?

Ok, for the end, a wonderful blog called Diamonds for dessert can give you some useful tips on how to create your own homemade food universe. For example you have the instructions on how to make cute turtles or graveyard cupcakes?! which you can later engage in any sort of activity * !!! * and take photos of it.

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