Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the mood for knitwear

How do you feel about knitwear? And Kama Sutra?

This is "Lana Sutra" ( 'Lana' stands for wool and 'Sutra' for a thread which holds things together ), a project created by Cuban artist Eric Ravelo for Benetton. "Lana Sutra" consists of 15 installations and the idea behind the project is universal love which cancels all diversities among people and connects people no matter what race, color or religion they are.

all images by Erik Ravelo, image courtesy of United Colors of Benetton

Eric Ravelo's sculptures are provocative, yet somehow poetic as the wool gives them warmth and softness.
I must admit I admire the photographs the most. They have the perfect lighting which creates the perfect mood. For more info about the project and interesting "making of" video, go here.

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