Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still in the mood for knitwear

This time different kind of knitwear.

Have you heard of yarn bombing? It's a form of street art which doesn't include spray paint but knitting. Knitting over trees, bicycles, people, sculptures, fences, cars etc.

via Agata Olek

One of the yarn bombing artists who caught my attention is a girl that goes by the name Olek. She knits a very specific kind of pattern and does it outdoors as well as in galleries. Agata Olek knits over anything she gets her hand on. One of her well known guerrilla acts was when she covered the famous sculpture Charging Bull near the Wall Street in crochet.

via Agata Olek

There's also a movement of yarn bombing evolving mostly among European artists which I especially like and it includes yarn, nails, geometry, abstraction and street.

2D version of this is done by a Spanish artist Spidertag.

via Spidertag
via Spidertag

And Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless does something similar but more 3D or lets say floating.

via Moneyless
via Moneyless

Now I dare you to say knitting is for grannies !

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