Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yasutoki Kariya, an art student from Japan who has been nominated for Mitsubishi Junior Designer Award 2012, has found a beautiful way to present Newton's third law of motion using bulbs. 
In a playful visual way, the installation represents the transfer of kinetic energy but instead of the swinging spheres of Newton's cradle, 11 computer programmed light bulbs are hanging from the strings . The installation is entitled Asobi which means "play".


From this minimalistic bulb installation to another , as equally impressive, but less minimalistic... 

Photos via Incandescent Cloud

CLOUD is an interactive installation created by Caitlind Brown for Nuit Blanche, an arts festival in Calgary, Canada. The festival was held on the 15th of September, lasted for one night only and the visitors had a chance to interact with the CLOUD by pulling strings attached to over 6 000 bulbs, turning the lights on and off, thus illuminating and darkening parts of the cloud. 

Now be patient and have a look at the hypnotic Ballet of the Bulbs:

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