Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you have preserved the kid within you, and I'll presume that you have, then one of the best feelings for you is jumping on a trampoline. If you ask me, trampolines should not be in the kids parks only, they should be in the offices too. In ones that have very high ceilings, of course.

This is why Atelier Zündel Cristea's project caught my attention.

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No, unfortunately this cutie hasn't been built. This is Atelier Zündel Cristea's proposal for this year's ArchTriump's "Bridge in Paris Contest", which has just won the third prize. So, an inflatable bridge with giant trampolines where one can "bounce" itself from one side of the river to another. That sounds perfect to me. Plus Paris already has bridges which are necessary for the normal flow of the vehicular and pedestrians traffic but what they are really lacking is a bridge which helps you play with the gravity. I still can't figure out why this hasn't won the first prize. Oh well...

Trampolining is also a serious competitive sport in which gymnasts perform different acrobatics while jumping on trampoline. I adore the multiple exposure shots of gymnasts on trampoline which J.R.Eyerman, the photographer, made back in the 60's while working for LIFE Magazine.

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If you happen to come across a trampoline these days, don't miss out on it !



  1. it's easy, they are french... so.... excuse my french, elephant get's Grand Prix ... right ?!?

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  2. I know, elephant is completely hypnotizing.

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