Wednesday, March 27, 2013


You've probably heard about ferrofluid. I've been obsessing about it ever since I've discovered it. It's a liquid which looks like some sort of motor oil but under the influence of a magnetic field tends to act like it's alive because of its nanoscale ferromagnetic particles.

Singaporean artist Afiq Omar got into ferrofluid explorations and so far produced three videos of aesthetic perfection. The music he picked for each of his videos utterly matches the visuals.

The first one has a dark, futuristic atmosphere:

In the second one, which is definitely my favorite, the artist experimented with smaller amount of ferrofluid which he mixed with other liquids such as milk, soap, alcohol etc.

In the third video he again played around with mixtures of ferrofluid and other liquids. What's really admirable is that no computer software was used for the creation of the patterns but only manipulations with fluid dynamics and magnetism.

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