Saturday, May 4, 2013

From the waggle to kaleidoscopic dance.

It all started with the bees. I was fascinated with how bees communicate through a waggle dance

An Austrian biologist Karl von Frisch, who studied the behavior of the honeybees back in the 60's, defined it as "Tanzsprache" or the dance language. I adore the idea of a dance being the only language used for communication between the living beings. The waggle dance is used by the bees to share the information about the food source with the other members of the hive. By performing the waggle dance, the dancing bee gives the other honeybees information about the direction and the distance of the location of food source. As I was exploring this subject, I accidentally came across a video by Emily Knight, which was inspired by Busby Berkley.

Busby Berkley was a Hollywood movie director and choreographer, best known for turning dancing bodies into human kaleidoscopes. In his choreographies, he used dancing showgirls for creating complex geometric patterns. I am completely astonished by the symmetry and the rhythmic precision in Busby's movies. And now I finally understand where Michel Gondry found inspiration for some of my favorite music videos:

via Retronaut
"Let forever be" by The Chemical Brothers 
via Retronaut
"Around the world" by Daft Pank

And in the end, the most memorable and surreal scene from Berkley's movie "The Gang's All Here"  where legendary Carmen Miranda sings "The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat" . I would love to put some bees in there. ;)


  1. 'twuz abou' time.... new post !! there are few people looking forward new posts...

    "Everything already been done, every kind of music’s been tried, every kind of government’s been tried, every fucking hairstyle, bubble gum flavors, you know, breakfast cereal...What are we going to do? How are we going to make another thousand years?"
    P.I. Max Peltier

  2. It was a tough month for me but I know, I excuses! Ok, no more one-month pauses between new posts, I promise. =)

    Yes, everything is a remix of a remix.

  3. Pčele su tako in ovih dana. Dobro, da!
    Pčele su uvek in, ali ovih dana su in u modnim krugovima. :)
    Joj, kako mrdaju telima! Kako su super!
    I super je ovaj eksperiment, kako ih nežno farbaju kistom.
    Aaaaaaaaa! Kraljice, kraljice!!!!!!!!

  4. Da, to sam i ja shvatila nakon sto si mi podarila modni casopis. <3
    Daaa, eksperiment je neverovatan.

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