Thursday, April 21, 2011

Roll with it!

How do you feel about tubeless toilet paper?
Kimberly-Clark, one of the world's largest makers of household paper products, have started producing tube free toilet paper. They promise that "even the last piece of toilet paper will be usable — without glue stuck on it"  which is quite convenient. But what's most important is the green background of this product as most consumers toss away the used tubes and help form millions of pounds of trash.
Now  lets explore some ways of creative reuse of all those tubes that are being tossed away every day.
You can use it to make an elegant tree forest.

via Yuken Teruya

After you've mastered this, you can move to the more advanced level and start making these amazing sculptures.

via Anastassia Elias
via Anastassia Elias
via Anastassia Elias

Or you can just plant a small plant.

via Bonzai Aphrodite

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