Friday, March 4, 2011


Stop motion animation has a long history and there's something truly magical about real objects that appear to be moving on its own. And I keep discovering some great stop motion videos lately but this one I would like to share as I can only imagine how much patience and time it took to make it.
It is called Dot, it's about a girl named Dot ( she is 9mm tall !!! ) who is trying to escape from a world that appears to be crashing. Video was actually made to promote Nokia N8 and an invention by professor Daniel Fletcher called Cellscope which is a device with a microscope which enables doctors in remote places to take pictures of blood samples with a mobile phone camera before sending them off for analysis.
So, Dot was recorded using Nokia N8 and Cellscope and it is officially the world's smallest stop-motion animation. Of course, you need to see the "making of" in order to fully admire this video.

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