Sunday, September 18, 2011

oh jelly!

We all have a soft spot for jelly, right?

Recently I became obsessed with bananagranola's photo stream on flickr. Hidden among all sorts of wonderful photos of fascinating Japanese foods, these jelly fishes drew my attention instantly.

Goldfish Jelly

On my jelly adventure journey, I came across the name of Bompas&Perr , duo from London who have definitely taken the jelly thing to the next level. Their work is a combination of food, architecture and art. By promoting their architectural jelly installations at parties and events, they made a serious business out of this.

Gelatinous St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace in a bowl

Funeral Jelly Installation

But my heart is with Liz Hickok , an amazing artist who constructs her dramatic cityscapes entirely out of jelly. She first constructs scale models which she uses to make molds and then casts the buildings in jell-o. By adding a light from back or underneath, she manages to add a dramatic mood to her installations.  As Jell-O sculptures quickly decay, photos and videos are the only remains of her work.

San Francisco in Jell-O

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