Monday, September 26, 2011

This world is extinct. You were too late. Was I?

I was so intrigued by the articles I've read about the game called "The GlitchHiker" that I felt a strong urge to download the game just to see what happens.

Here's the story....

GlitchHiker is the game developed by an amazing group of 6 people in 48 hours for The Global Game Jam 2011 in Netherlands. They made a game which consisted of two parts: first part was the game itself and the second part was the online internet server which they called the SYSTEM. When the event started, the SYSTEM had one hundred lives. Every time a player died, a life was deducted from the SYSTEM.

The game itself was sick. It was playable but it revealed glitches which increased in both intensity and frequency as time passed and as more and more players were losing lives. Players felt a strong desire to save the SYSTEM but the game was getting more and more sick and when the SYSTEM reached zero lives, the game died and it was no longer playable.GlitchHiker was extinct.

The fact that the game kills itself as its players flunk is so perversely attractive. I admire the concept. And the music by Rutger Muller is just incredible. 
So, if you are as curious as me, you can still download the game as I won't be revealing what happens if you do. ;)

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