Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do you wish to learn how to be a Retronaut?

According to the creator of my major recent cyberspace discoveries, a Retronaut is defined as "someone who goes back in time using just perception". So, if you would like to take a trip to the past, you can just visit an adorable place with an adorable name - How to be a Retronaut.

Website's database is filled with "time capsules" which are packed with images, videos and articles on all sorts of amusing topics such as the first video game, anti-prostitution posters from WWII, first sci-fi film, evolution of the MGM lion, abandoned amusement parks and many many others. As soon as you pick your first capsule, the ride begins.

from the time capsule "The longest photographic exposure"

This cyber time machine was built by Chris Wild, an ex museum curator who now digs out and shares with people the most fascinating parts of our history from public and private archives.
He's currently working on another project called Retroscope which will be launched later this year and which will allow us to see how any place in England looked at any point in time just by scrolling the time slider.
Something similar to this already exists for San Francisco. It's the Old S.F. website and I have to admit I love spending hours and hours exploring it. Below are the photos I found on Old S.F. of Fox Theater which was built in 1929. and closed and demolished in 1963.

Women posing as construction workers during the construction of the Fox theater
1929 June 1
Lobby inside the Fox theater
Lobby of the demolished Fox theater
1963 Apr. 4
Fox Theater demolition, July 26, 1963
1963 July 26

Have a safe trip and I hope you find some interesting gems.

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