Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cloud seeding.

In theory, cloud seeding could be defined as "a form of intentional weather modification; the attempt to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei, which alter the microphysical processes within the cloud. The usual intent is to increase precipitation (rain or snow), but hail and fog suppression are also widely practiced in airports." (source: Wikipedia)

Using the analogy of this process, Erik Carlson and guys from the art and technology studio Sosolimited designed and produced a genius artwork called Cloud Seeding set in Denver Public Library. 

The visitors of the Library who choose to participate in this artwork, by searching for books, music and movies contribute to a big visual collage on an array of LCD screens which display images and quotes related to the search terms. So for example, if a visitor searches for a certain horror movie, the display shows images from horror movies, quotes from horror books and combines it with scary music. This way visitors become seeders and the giant video display becomes a cloud.

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