Friday, March 16, 2012

The World of Origami.

Google Doodle from few days ago which was dedicated to father of origami, Akira Yoshizawa, inspired me to write about the Japanese art of paper folding which I admire so deeply.
There's something so graceful in the art of origami , I guess because of the patience and mathematical preciseness that it takes to make any origami object.

Montroll’s tree, Walker’s floribunda, Diaz’s & Yoshizawa’s cranes. Photo by Agne Mackonyte 

One of the incredible, origami-inspired projects which I discovered not so long ago is Ribbonesia.

Ribbonesia is an art project by Japanese illustrator Baku Maeda who combines his love for origami and ribbons and turns ribbons into beautiful art objects. 

via Ribbonesia 

Another incredible origami-inspired project is Takayuki Hori's X-ray origami which features folded figures of eight endangered species. The project's aim is to highlight pollution problems in Japan and the message is delivered through x-ray exposed animal skeletons and their garbage tainted guts.

via Co.Design

And then there's Origami Jewelry...

Oh how I love these. Perfect little jewelry creations by french designers Claire & Arnaud.

via Origami Jewelry 

All this talk about origami reminded me of one of the most incredible and vivid dreams that I had last year.

I was in a small boat in the middle of an ocean. It was very dark, the ocean looked like dark ink.There were heavy clouds in the sky and the moon was shining through them. And then one part of the sky kinda cleared up creating a hole through which a light came out and suddenly huge origami animals (an elephant, a giraffe, a tiger and so on...) with very vivid colors started falling from that hole into the water.
This is one of those dreams which you remember very lively. That is why I would love to work with someone who would like to turn my dream into animation so if anyone out there feels the desire to work with me on this one , please feel free to contact me. I would be delighted.

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