Monday, July 18, 2011

I scream, YOU scream !

via Beautiful Life

STOYN is a Russian advertising agency that has developed this genius range of ice creams.  They decided to materialize iconic characters from world's culture such as Darth Vader, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Duck, Che Guevara, Super Mario * <3 * and others in form of these intriguing flavors of ice cream. They really look cool, I would love to try them. The promotional event was organized under the slogan " Lick your idol" and judging by the photos from the event, looks like everyone had great fun doing so.


Ice cream was an inspiration for one of my favorite artist couples : Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. They like to make king size public art installations of everyday objects. Back in 2001. in Cologne, they installed a giant sculpture of an ice cream cone dropped upside down on top of a building. And they had chosen not just any building, but a shopping mall to emphasize the cornucopia of consumerism.

Another ice cream related piece of art are these ice cream cone lamps for eco-friendly light bulbs which look so real and cute. Designed by studio Mixko, although I'm not sure if they can still be bought somewhere as the designers from this studio parted and they each run their own studios now.

And for the end of this post , my favorite- ice cream taking a poop.

via Doodle Everyday

Titled "Everyone poops", this doodle is a work of an illustrator Lim Heng Swee who decided to do one doodle a day for 365 days hoping to bring a smile on people's faces.

Monday, July 11, 2011


photo by Ikunori Yamamoto

This amazing balloon bench was designed by Satoshi Itasaka from h220430 studio. What's great about this bench is that it looks so real, like it's floating away. Of course, this is actually an illusion as the balloons are plastic and have to be bolted to the ceiling. Satoshi found inspiration for this design in a french movie called "Le ballon rouge" from 1956.

Le ballon rouge is a movie about a friendship between a boy and a balloon which follows him around . It has beautiful, dreamy-like atmosphere and watching it is an emotionally moving experience so if you haven't seen this classic, you need to watch it.

Another balloonish thing which looks like it's being lifted by the balloons is this replica house from Pixar's movie Up built by a team from National Geographic. Only this is not an illusion. This house really does float aided by the help of 300 huge helium-filled balloons. All this was an experiment made by a group of scientists, engineers, world-class balloon pilots and thousands of volunteers who managed to get the small house into the air just like in Pixar's movie Up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

head art.

From time to time,  I become obsessed with something. This weekend my attention was focused on hats. I discovered some breathtaking hat designs. To me they represent true sculpture art.

The exploration started with Philip Treacy .

Then I was fascinated by Stephen Jones's latest dreamy surreal collection.

And finally, I was blown away with a hat exhibition made by Japanese design studio Nendo for Akio Harata, Japan's most famous hat designer. People from Nendo have chosen a perfect way to put accent on Hirata's work: they made 4000 white "ghost hats" which float around giving a dramatic contrast to the "real" hats which are on display. I can only imagine what an amazing feeling it must be to walk through these flying hats.

photo by Daici Ano
photo by Daici Ano
photo by Daici Ano