Sunday, January 27, 2013


via Retro Synth Ads

I love this ad. Simple, smart and brave. It should be emphasized that the ad is from 1979. Shot of the company's product from behind, no logo, no contact info, no nothing, just a small Moog symbol incorporated into the ad's copy. Not many companies can pull this off, not even today. But Moog could. You really had to and have to know what this is.

via Retro Synth Ads

For anyone who hasn't seen the inspirational documentary about the inventor of Moog synthesizers, Mr. Robert Moog, quick, here it is.

One of the people who had been among first musicians to start using Moog synthesizers, was the contemporary German composer, Gershon Kingsley. Many don't know that he is the composer of the famous instrumental "Popcorn". A great tribute to the song was given by the Muppets in one of the most wonderful sketches ever (someone special with very busy nails discovered this one):

Fast forwarding to nowadays, Moog company is about to start selling their new analog synth - the Sub-Phatty, and had, for the promotional purposes, sent the prototype to Flying Lotus. Primarily using Moog's new baby, Flying Lotus made a catchy 90-second track and Adam "lilfuchs" Fuchs created the animation to accompany it: