Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Absence of ego.

Trying to figure out what I want to write about, I realized that I feel a strong need to dedicate the whole post to my recent discovery. It's an artist called Moonassi.

Blow your mind, 2010.
Twisted relation, 2009.
Please take care of this, 2009.

His real name is Daehyun Kim. He was born in Seoul where he is now living and working. He has been making the "moonasi drawings" since 2008. They are minimalistic black and white paintings done using "pen and marker, and occasionally a brush", as Moonassi explains.

Sinking of you, 2010.
The moment that I loved you, 2009.
Across the universe, 2009.

I get so excited when I come across someone's work which represents deep human emotions that I can instantly feel by looking at the artwork. And then I feel the desire to look at them more and feel those emotions over and over. Moonassi's paintings are about relationships between him and others and various thoughts and feelings inside him.

Part of universe, 2011.

Last year, Moonassi created an album cover for Reedbeds' album Basement Grotto which was released on German cassette tape label SicSic. I love the cover and I find that music goes so well with Moonassi's art....