Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Curved folding.

This stunning paper sculpture is a work by Erik and Martin Demaine, the intriguing father and son duo.The Demaines share the equal amount of love for both mathematics and art, so with that love come the endless explorations and intersections of these two fields. The sculptures that the Demaines produce are self-folding origami or as they call them, the curved-crease sculptures, where the creases in paper actually cause the sculpture to fold into complex forms.

The explorations of the curved crease began with the Bauhaus (natürlich!) and Josef Albers, a charismatic teacher of preliminary course in paper study at Bauhaus, who insisted on students investigating the properties of the material used for making sculptures. And so, one of the students ended up making the simple, yet beautiful model: a circular piece of paper folded along the concentric circles where the final pleated form automatically twists into curve.

from the book "Bauhaus:Weimer,Dessau,Berlin,Chicago"
by Hans M.Wingler

Eric and Martin pushed their explorations much further, building large sculptures, using many smaller elements with various types of curves. Their pieces look alive to me. They are geometrically logical, clean and ordered and at the same time unexpected and chaotic. I guess this is the reason why they are hypnotically beautiful.

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