Sunday, March 6, 2011


You probably know someone who's a sucker for banana stickers or you yourself might be a proud owner of an admirable collection of banana stickers, right?!
Chiquita company's blue sticker is one of the most famous banana stickers and as the company claims, each sticker is carefully placed by hand , without using any machines for the sticking process (hmm?!)
Last year this company had a wonderful viral campaign which centered on stickers of course. 25 stickers were created which turned each banana into a different character.

Cool, ha?
Witty line "don't let another good banana go bad"  was incorporated into each part of the campaign.
Campaign's website contains viral videos, place where you can create your own character stickers and my favorite-flash game where you can do the boogie dance battle against a banana that already turned to the dark side.

 Campaign's Art Director and the man behind the idea is DJ Neff , you can read more about the campaign in the interview he gave to design:related.

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