Monday, March 28, 2011

there's something about snails

Felt Snail Brooch by OSmanufacture

"Keong Emas" aka "Golden Snail" Imax Theatre, Indonesia

My pet Gary the Snail , I feed him with PEZ on daily basis

Snail Shell by N55

Snail Magnets by JooJoo

Monster Snail Pet by .lb

Giant Pink Snails invading the city by Cracking Art Group


  1. That`s a nice pet snail you have there. What flavor of PEZ does he prefer. I also had one a looong time ago and he was nuts for the strawberry ones... and i mean really nuts like scooby-snack nuts :)

    Yeah, there`s definitely something about snail...

  2. =)
    I tried feeding mine with strawberry ones but he didn't like them, he couldn't digest them for weeks. He's a sucker for orange flavor!
    But what happened to your snail? Did you let him go into the wild?