Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day !

Yep, today is the day that celebrates that amazing never ending mathematical constant Pi- 3,1459265…..So how do we celebrate Pi day?
Eat a pie and discuss the importance of Pi. Ok, that’s precisely what we are about to do. 
First a pie…

And then some Pi chit chat...
Pi is an irrational number meaning its value cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction so its decimal representation never ends or repeats. So far Pi has been calculated to five trillion digits by Shigeru Kondo. This Japanese businessman set the world record in January this year using a home-built computer, almost doubling the accuracy of the previous world record.
And here you can have some fun by finding out if YOU are in Pi.  ;)
And since I’m truly impressed by relationship between mathematics and music ( all about Golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers and music-some other time) , here is how Pi would sound like according to a musician Michael John Blake who translated each of the first 31 decimals into a note and performed the piece on various instruments.

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